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  • How are they made?
  • What are they made from?
  • How big are they?

How are they made?

Each shawl is woven by Stefano on a narrow hand loom in Tuscany using natural fibres and exclusive designs. Each shawl is unique - no two are exactly the same. Where I have a few which are very similar I have grouped them together under the same colour reference. So if you order more than one, do not be surprised if they are not identical! Stefano can only make a certain number of shawls a year, so numbers are strictly limited and once it's sold then usually that's it until next year.

What are they made from?

Typically my shawls (ecru and pastel colours) are made from 100% natural and mixed fibres. Usually they are made from 80% cotton,with the remaining 20% containing a mixture linen, silk and dry wool (lighter than the wool used in the winter) and some shawls have with ribbons or paillettes. The multi-coloured shawls are made of lamb's wool and mixed fibres. Very occasionally Stefano will add some man-made fibres, such as smooth viscose (a natural derivative of wood) for strength and a softer handle. Different designs will contain different mixtures of fibres to give the handle and appearance that make my shawls so comfortable and so striking.

How big are they?

The shawls usually come out 48cm x 190cm and are wide enough to comfortably cover your shoulders and upper back - perfect for those cool summer evenings. See the picture to get an idea.

Red Shawls Wool/Cotton

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